Excellence in Quality, Creativity and  Innovation.


Lotion,  Pomade,  Serums, Cream, Soap, Aerosol, Deodorant, Shampoo and conditioner bars.

Indulge yourself with the new age cosmetics. Formulated using green chemistry , new age technology and human satisfaction in mind, we bring the best function of each element into the integrity of your body to suave, heal and restore peace, harmony and well-being.

Be your at your  best, Strive for Excellence and Live your                                                  best Life!!

A combination of all fashion style. From Luxury wear ,  branded clothing and personal brand closet. Ponged into the world of unlimited, tasteful fashion and apparels to suit your style and lifestyle , your appetite for chic and fashionable.

Household Care

The essence of household care. From laundry, interior atmosphere and the mood of your home; we provide the best  tasteful care items to make your home a niche of peace, tranquility, cleanliness and bon vivre with All Around brand.

Cleaning products at its best. Introducing the All Around brand of cleaning products intended to bring a new touch to every  Lucius possession needing cleaning care.   Scented and exquisite,  experience  cleaning for the new world.

Products formulated to nourish your body, soul and spirit. Combination of the old and new, the green and the new. these products offer an oasis for the emotional yoga of the body.

Trending products newly on the market and or  our private brand. Products from every industry and worth our tie and dedication.

Let your imagination  create  a new reality. Let the imaginary becomes the new norm. Let your avatar invade the physical world. Dream, imagination to reality is the new business.

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