Legal Notice

Name of company

Blue Bird Industries, LLC


Registered office

Arlington, Texas 76012


Contact details

Tassery Luyeye



Business ID no.

A218005177 is a amalgam e-commerce wholesaler product . The shop is a E-shop division of Blue Bird Industries, LLC.
All sales are final and pay through a third party. We do not collect or keep customers personal data . This is a shop and go platform as every purchase is final and customers information are not collected for any purposes.

All sales are complete and final at checkout. We sincerely advise our customers to take time and make a final educated decision on purchasing and check out. No return or exchanges, withdrawal from sale is permissible.

Due to the fact that as a wholesaler, products come from different manufactures or affiliates, we hope our customers will understand the non-refund, no return item policy as it pertains to as a wholesaler amalgam products. Purchase, buy and payments are final.

We want to make your shopping experience enjoyable.
Please be advised since we are a wholesale dealer, therefore not a direct manufacturer and since the products sold may be directly coming from our supplier, we sincerely advised our clients to inspect and make their product choice accordingly as every purchase is final without refund. The product quality offered are guaranteed and they come from original supplier and or affiliates.

In any case, we will work with customers to solve any issues related to the product integrity and quality. If so sent us a request using the contact tab.




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